Tuesday, January 8, 2013


About two months ago, my boyfriend and I moved into our first apartment together (happy times) and after watching every single "make up collection" video on YouTube I got very excited! Our apartment isn't very big. Sadly, I wont be able to have one room just for my make up and shoes.. So I walked around the apartment a few times and I found my spot. It's in the corner of our bedroom. It's nothing fancy but it will do just fine!
I asked my dad if he could help me with finding shelves and he found just what I wanted. The shelves are now up on the wall, most of my make up is there and now it's time to make everything look nice and organized! I have found a temporary way to store my everyday items until I buy everything I need. 
I really like the MUJI acrylic drawers and I will probably end up getting them, I just have to decide on which ones I want. I also really like the Alex drawers from Ikea. Then I  also need a big mirror, a pretty chair and I would love to have some Hollywood lights!

This is what it looked like for a few days.. pretty, eh?

This is what it looks like now but a lot of my make up is still in boxes :(

The MUJI drawers that I have been eyeing. 

Here are some pictures I found online of make up collections. Don't they just make you drool?!




How do you like to store your make up? If you have any ideas, please share! :)


  1. Oh wow... *drools* I am loving the big drawers chockablock (i've never written that word before?! lol) with makeup! :)
    Gem x | MissMakeupMagpie.com

  2. This is really pretty and inspiring. My makeup storage right now is terrible xx

  3. Vantar svoooo góðar hirslur undir allt mitt líka! Allt í klessu í einhverjum blómavasa hjá mér...

  4. Really want to try the MUJI storage too, it looks perfect x



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