Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Bourjois Healthy Mix #52 | £9.99
Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Palette #Neutral 1 | £28.79
MAC MSF Natural #Light | £21.00
MAC Blush #Harmony | £17.50
WET N WILD Color Icon Blusher # Heather Silk | £2.52 
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder #Light Matte | £13.00
MAC MSF #Soft and Gentle | £21.50
MAC Eyebrow Pencil #Lingering | £12.50
WET N WILD Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette #Vanity | £4.41
MAC Fluidline #Blacktrack | £14.00
Loréal Paris Telescopic Mascara | £10.99
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss #Smokey Look | $4.20 (£2,65)
TOTAL : £173,85
(30.404 íslenskar krónur!!)

I've seen this tag going around for a long time and I've always that it was quite clever, so instead of doing a boring FOTD I decided to list down all the products I used and do the tag! This is a very simple look I go for a lot and I wore this last Sunday when I went to a birthday party for my 2 year old godson, Máni. (I don't wear this much make up on an everyday basis, I use around 5 products max everyday, because I'm lazy!) 
I have to buy most of my stuff online because we don't have a lot of make up brands here in Iceland, so plus that £173,85 I've had to pay for shipping and customs on most of the products on that list! and even though I was using a lot of affordable products, the total is super high! (for example I was using Wet N Wild products instead of my Lorac Pro Palette and my usual MAC blushes)

This was very fun to do and if you haven't done it I recommend you do! 

ps. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to include brushes in this, but I decided not to. Other wise that total would have gone through the roof!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

I am in desperate need of new shoes (even though my mom won't agree with me on that). I've been wearing my Converse everywhere I go, because those are the only ones I have that can keep my feet at least a tiny bit warm. I've been looking on eBay for a while now and these ones have made it to the Top 4. I always find it so hard deciding on shoes! Does any one else have that problem as well?

ps. sorry for not blogging more often, I will step up my game. I promise!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I would say I have a decent collection of brushes, I have around 60-70 brushes and I love them all very dearly. I can't get enough of brushes, I always feel like I need more! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite brushes, the ones I grab most often and I hope some of you guys share my love for brushes!

A new member in my brush family, the Real Techniques Buffing Brush has already became one of my favorites, I like it for everyday use, it makes applying foundation take seconds and leaves a beautiful finish on the skin. When I spend more time doing my make up, I most often go for the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki, it's extremely soft and buffs the foundation into the skin beautifully! I had to put the MAC 187 here because I do use it quite often, I like to apply my MAC Studio Sculpt foundation with this brush, don't really know why, but I just always do! Then for setting my foundation I use a brush I got at the make up school I graduated from, it's a tapered powder brush (Sigma has one very similar), very soft and does the job nicely. 

To apply the concealer to the skin I use the MAC 195, I also use it to define my eyebrows. Then I use the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush to buff everything and it does such a good job! It's so soft and ahh, it's just amazing! It's probably my favorite brush that I have, but I shouldn't say stuff like that, my brushes are my babies.. 

Most often I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush to apply my blush, it's very soft and applies the blush very nicely, I don't think it's too big like a lot of people do, I think it works very nicely. When I am using a very pigmented blush I like to use my MAC 187, it doesn't apply it heavily so I don't look like a clown afterwards. My favorite contouring brush is my MAC 109, it's the perfect size, it's soft and it doesn't shed. For my highlight I usually use the MAC 116, it just works very well.. I've been trying out the Real Techniques Contour Brush and I really like it for my cream contour. 

My favorite eyebrow brush is the Sigma E65, for me it's the perfect size, it's not flimsy and it works perfectly with my eyebrows. When going for a more natural look and doing other people's make up I usually use the Real Techniques Brow Brush, it's larger and not as firm as the Sigma one, it's very nice. Then a staple for me, a spoolie, to brush everything in place and make it look more natural.

First I like to apply my eye shadow with my MAC 239 brush. I use it to pack the eye shadow on my lid, blend out eyeliner and it also works nicely when applying eye shadow on the lower lash line. My favorite blending brush is the MAC 217 (big surprise) it is perfect for blending shadow into the crease, it's not too big nor too small, it's just right. For further blending I use the Sigma E45, mostly to blend out the edges and make everything blend together more seamlessly. When I want a more precise look or to blend my lower lash line I use the Sigma E30 pencil brush, it's very soft and small and works very nicely. My eyeliner brush of choice is the MAC 210, it's tiny and it makes applying my gel liner 10 times easier. 

Which brushes are your favorites? am I missing out on some amazing ones? Please share!
xx Elín

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation #52, MAC MSF Natural - Light, MAC Pro Sculpting Cream - Copper beech , MAC Cream Color Base - Pearl, Sleek Contour Kit - Light, Wet N Wild blush - Heather Silk, MAC Eyeshadows - Patina + Woodwinked, MAC Eye Kohl - Teddy, Loreal Telescopic, MAC Eyebrow Pencil - Lingering, MAC Lipstick - Peach Blossom, Stila Lip Glaze - Jingle

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Hope you all are having a good week this far, I haven't.. I've been feeling sick and my head is about to explode :( but that didn't stop me from going to Reykjavík and getting measured and weighted and getting handed a brand new exercising program so I can start working out like crazy and get slim and perky for the summer!

If you read my last blog post, you saw in my that I recently bought the MAC eyebrow pencil in Lingering and eye kohl in Teddy and I wanted you to see how it looks.. I'm not too happy with the way the pictures came out, but hey, this is my first time trying to take a decent make up photo. Plus it's pretty much impossible to get good lighting these days since right now in Iceland, it stays dark the entire day.. I am desperately waiting for spring and sun to come! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I went shopping last weekend (like most people do this time of the year) . I was hoping to come back home with 10 full bags of nice clothes, shoes and make up that I got for a great price, sadly that didn't happen. I found a camo Jumper in Topshop at a reasonable price and when I got frustrated that I hadn't found anything else, I went into MAC and bought a few nice things, using my Pro card for the very first time! I finally purchased the Brush Cleanser, an eye kohl in Teddy and Lingering eye brow pencil. I've tried it all out and I like it so far. I'll do a FOTD soon, using the eye kohl and brow pencil. Before going home we stopped by the drugstore and I decided to try the John Frieda Go Blonder lightening spray, I've used it 3 times this far and I do think I see a difference! I will do a review about this after using it for a longer time.

A few days later I got a package in the mail, I had totally forgotten that I had ordered these so it was a nice Thursday surprise! I got the Real Techniques Core Collection, I've been wanting these brushes for a while now and I finally decided to get them. I already have the Blush Brush, Stippling Brush and Starter set, so this was a great new addition to my Real Techniques collection! I absolutely love these brushes, super soft and gorgeous. I'm planning on doing a brush collection post soon so stay tuned!

Lastly, I went to a local shop yesterday and I found these super cheap spiked loafers. I need more shoes, so why not? They are cute and comfy and go with a lot of things. 

I'm currently waiting for 3 Asos orders so chances are you will be seeing an Asos haul on here very soon!

Have you bought anything on this years first sale? 

xoxo Elín

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


About two months ago, my boyfriend and I moved into our first apartment together (happy times) and after watching every single "make up collection" video on YouTube I got very excited! Our apartment isn't very big. Sadly, I wont be able to have one room just for my make up and shoes.. So I walked around the apartment a few times and I found my spot. It's in the corner of our bedroom. It's nothing fancy but it will do just fine!
I asked my dad if he could help me with finding shelves and he found just what I wanted. The shelves are now up on the wall, most of my make up is there and now it's time to make everything look nice and organized! I have found a temporary way to store my everyday items until I buy everything I need. 
I really like the MUJI acrylic drawers and I will probably end up getting them, I just have to decide on which ones I want. I also really like the Alex drawers from Ikea. Then I  also need a big mirror, a pretty chair and I would love to have some Hollywood lights!

This is what it looked like for a few days.. pretty, eh?

This is what it looks like now but a lot of my make up is still in boxes :(

The MUJI drawers that I have been eyeing. 

Here are some pictures I found online of make up collections. Don't they just make you drool?!




How do you like to store your make up? If you have any ideas, please share! :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Jeffrey Campbell Tardy | I've wanted these shoes for a few months now, my boyfriend was going to give them to me as a birthday present but they have been sold out everywhere since November! I think they are so beautiful I can't get my head around it.. I will definitely be buying these as soon as I find them available in my size! 

Nars Sheer Glow foundation | I know, I know, I should have tried this out already, but sadly I haven't. We don't have Nars in Iceland and I'm kinda scared of ordering foundations online because I'm not sure what shade I should get (especially when it comes to high end foundations, I don't want to waste a lot of money on something I can't even use!). I've read and heard such amazing things about this foundation that I think I need to let go of my fear and just purchase it in the color I think would match me the best.. 

Beauty Blender | Again, we don't have this in Iceland but the main reason that I haven't bought this already is that I think spending a lot of money on a sponge is kind of ridiculous.. But I think after reading such great reviews about this pink, egg shaped sponge I'll have to give in and try it.. 

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady | This is the watch I'm lusting over. I only have one watch, a small silver Casio and I wear it almost everyday, but I want to try out something new. I do like the big Michael Kors watches and I will probably purchase one someday, but for now I think I would use this one way more. I think it's so beautifully simple and classy.

Make Up Forever Flash Palette | Hmm, I don't know what it is about this item that fascinates me so much. Usually I go for the neutral colors, but this palette is dragging me into it's crazy colors! It does have quite a hefty price tag though, but if I feel like having a big splurge on a beauty item any time soon this will be one of the first things I'll purchase!

What items are you lusting over this january ?

ps. I wanted to thank all my new viewers for checking out my blog! It means a lot 

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I really wanted to make a post like this before it was too late, so here it is! It was super hard to pick my favorites, at first I had a list of 26 products, but I narrowed it down to these 10 :) (this is for real the most used products of 2012, I didn't want to include products that I haven't really tested out too much)

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
I have it in the shade 54 and it matches me perfectly. It leaves a beautiful natural finish on the skin, light to medium coverage but is definitely buildable if you need more. I like it for everyday use because it doesn't feel heavy on the skin, but I do often wear this when I go out since it doesn't have SPF so it doesn't give you that white cast in pictures plus it stays on very nicely. Great affordable foundation and if you haven't tried it, I recommend you do!

2. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle
This gives me a nice shimmery glow (not too shimmery though), it gives my face that beautiful highlight everyone loves!

3. MAC Charcoal Brown
Definitely my holy grail eyebrow product! I use this seriously every single day! and I find it suits a lot of different hair colors. It's just perfect. 

4. MAC Peach Blossom
my favorite "my lips but better" color, I usually only use chapstick on an everyday basis, but when I want a bit of colour, this is the one I always use. Lovely soft pinky peach

5. Flora by Gucci
Amazing perfume that I've loved all year long (I had been spraying this on myself every time I went into a store that sold this, then I finally got it in november).

6. Morocan Oil Light
Everyone has heard about this and chances are you've tried it. This is just amazing, I apply it to wet hair and it just makes my hair silky smooth and shiny. 

7. Loreal Telescopic
Oldie but a goodie. This makes my tiny little lashes way longer, doesn't smudge and stays on all day.

8. Lorac Pro Palette
Great color range, great color pay off, great packaging! 

9. MAC Melba blush
This has been my go to blush this year, it's a matte coral-peach and gives me a instant healthy glow look!

10. Sleek Contour Kit in Light
I only use the contouring color, don't really care for the highlighter. But the contouring color is a nice natural contouring shade and not orange at all. Plus it's affordable and I love Sleek's packaging, it's so sleek hehe

Swatches of the powders, click to enlarge

What are your most used products of 2012? 

ps. I will write more in depth reviews about most of these products later :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello world!
This is my first blog post ever (well, when I was 12 I thought I was quite the blogger, but that didn't really work out, so this is me trying to redeem myself in the blogger world)..
I have wanted to create my own beauty/fashion blog for around 2 years now, after scrolling through millions of blogs and watching billions of beauty and fashion YouTube videos I finally gave in..
My sister really was the one who finally made me do it, so thank you Dagný! I hope I won't be too much of a disappointment to you..
The main reason why I never started blogging before was pretty much because I couldn't decide on a name for my blog, and after rummaging through my head for months, I just chose one, and there is no turning back..

Hope you like it and thanks for checking in!

ps. I forgot to mention that my name is Elín, I'm 19 and I live in Iceland.

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