Saturday, February 9, 2013


I recently saw a blog post on The Beauty Milk on the Wet N Wild lipsticks and I knew I needed to get my hands on a few and try them out myself! 
We don't have Wet N Wild in Iceland (we don't have anything here) so I went on eBay searching for these lovelies and I ended up purchasing 5 shades. I wanted to try out something I don't usually go for because they are so cheap so if I end up never wearing them, it wont hurt my wallet!

Think Pink #901B | A beautiful cool toned baby pastel pink. I usually don't like lipsticks this light, but wearing it and seeing it in pictures I actually think it suits me quite well!
Smokin'Hot Pink #905D | A hot pink with warm undertones, it's super pretty!
Sugar Plum Fairy #908C | The much talked about MAC Rebel dupe. I wouldn't know because I don't actually have Rebel, but I have seen swatches online comparing the two and they look pretty much the same. A very pretty plum color.
Cherry Bomb #918D | A dark, almost oxblood red. It's a really lovely color, but I find it makes me look a bit... old.
Vamp It Up #919B | Very very dark purple. On me this looked almost black, I definitely won't be wearing this one a lot, but I'm happy to have something like this in my collection! 

The lipsticks are all very nice, creamy and pigmented. They stay on for fairly long and they wear off very nicely (don't go patchy). 
The only bad thing about these is the packaging. It's not very sturdy and every time I try to take the lid off, I accidentally scrape some of the lipstick onto the lid! I think I might melt them into a lipstick palette.. Also  some of them don't have the name anywhere. On one lipstick there was only a number and on another one there was no color info at all! 
But for 3 bucks I can't complain!

Over all I really like the lipsticks and will definitely be purchasing more shades (and perhaps a lipstick palette)!

xx Elín


  1. These look really good! Good value for money too!
    Megan xxx

  2. wow, they look extremely creamy and pigmented. sounds like the perfect lipstick for me. thanks for swatching.

  3. These look really cute do you know where i can get them in England?

    Nicole xx

    1. I'm pretty sure you can only buy them online.. I bought mine on eBay, seller name is senoritadelsol and I think you can get them on! xx


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